Crochet-story : A Bouquet of Happiness

I didn’t go anywhere because of social distancing implementation in Indonesia since March 2020. Co-19 pandemic hits us so hard. There are many plans have been delayed, even canceled. Most business ventures are closed due to bankruptcy. We see sadness in every corner of the country. The one thing that I can do, maybe you guys, is to survive. Everything is done to be able to survive in conditions like this, so that we can then adapt to existing conditions. Feeling angry is normal, but it does not always make our hearts relieved.

The beginning of the social distancing implementation coincided with the beginning of the Ramadhan for Muslims in Indonesia. I can’t do much, but one of the things I do is crafting. Crafting is my fun getaway. Of course, I knit and crochet a few things which I then give to some friends so they are happy. One thing I made for myself was a bouquet of crocheted flowers. I think seeing colorful flowers can improve my mood since I wake up. I saw some tutorials of crocheted flower on YouTube and I decided to make rose, tulip, chrysanthemum and fuschia. If you also want to make one, please check this link to get the tutorial.

I’ve seen this crochet bouquet for 4 months. I always feel happy when I wake up and see it. I added a reed diffuser to my home with a soothing fragrance so that I would be comfortable doing my daily activities at home. I also do some workouts to respect myself so that I can be healthy every day. These little things make the days meaningful during this pandemic. This too shall pass. Keep the spirit!

What do you guys do during this co-19 pandemic? Please write in the comments column, I want to know your stories too!

Crocheted Flowers


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  1. kmkat
    kmkat says:

    I have been knitting all.the.things. Without regard to what I will do with it afterwards. Most will be donated, either to charity or to a silent auction next spring (assuming the virus is sufficiently under control that we can have large gathering again).

  2. Gill
    Gill says:

    Your crochet flowers are gorgeous 🙂

    I bought a small loom and taught myself weaving using YouTube until I could get to an in person class last weekend (which was fab!), I also crocheted a blanket and knitted a few sweaters 🙂 Crafting was good distraction that’s for sure!

    We had very tight restrictions here in New Zealand and pretty much everything was closed for about 9 weeks, which even though was really tough, it meant we could return to a bit more of a normality a lot sooner than the rest of the world I think. Our government has given a lot of money to businesses so that they can keep going, and it will be a while before the economy picks up. We have been very lucky.

    • Restidia
      Restidia says:

      thank you!

      I know right! Crafting is weekend getaway for me. Somehow, I need it beside WFH

      I love how Jacinda Ardern manage the covid-19 pandemic. I adore her personally.


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