Baby dress free knitting pattern

Camellia Baby Dress

Carolus Linnaeus named a flower with the name Camellia after Georg Joseph Kamel, a pharmacist who has dedicated himself for 20 years finding new remedies sourced from local native plants. Likewise, I named this baby dress pattern with Camellia,…
Baby Boss Vest Free Knitting Pattern

Baby Boss Vest Pattern

Are you ready for autumn? In my case, I am ready for the rainy season since I live in a tropical country. Let us do some stretching and start knitting some things to warm the body. I started out by knitting a baby vest. The baby vest is seamless,…

Knitstory : A Versatile Design Vest

This month is the month to celebrate my husband and my anniversary. And this year we celebrate the fifth anniversary. Last year I knitted a vest for him. Actually he requested to be made it. I need to choose the pattern and yarn material carefully,…

Budgeting for Knitting & Crocheting

Hi everyone, do you always have some time to have fun? In my case, I do my hobbies to take a break from my daily routine. My hobbies include visiting markets, knitting and crocheting. Yes, I'm very happy going to the local market, especially…

Knitstory : Wedding Gift Idea

The knitting hats project is my comeback project in July 2019 after a 2 year hiatus. This hat is a wedding gift for my friends. They are both like travelling and photography, so I thought of giving them something that they could wear in every…

Autumn Look Book (3)

Yarn : Acrylic Wool and Mohair Circular Needle : 4,5mm Pattern Credit : Marrie Verrie  

Autumn Look Book (2)

Yarn : Rayon Cotton and Mohair Circular Needle : 4,5mm Pattern Credit : Susie    

Autumn Look Book (1)

Yarn : Cotton (Light - 5 plies) and Acrylic Wool (Worsted) Circular Needle : 4,5mm Pattern Credit : Alison Hawke

Traveling Neck Warmer

I modified Purl's hat pattern to make neck warmer for my Husband. He will travel to Nashville next month, so hopefully the neck warmer can be his autumn-best friend. Circular Needle : 4,5mm Yarn : Pure Cotton Pattern Credit : Purl…

My First Sweater for My Self

  For the first time, as a knitter, I wear my knitwork - sweater. Its material is cotton and the needle to knit it is 2,5 mm.