Hand Sanitizer Bucket Pattern

Skill : Beginner Abbreviations : SC = Single Crochet, DC= Double Crochet, Sk= Skip, Ch = Chain, Rnd = Round, Sp = Space Note : Size of bottle container that I use for the pattern ; Diameter = 1 in, Height = 2,5 in. You can adjust your bottle…

Autumn Look Book (3)

Yarn : Acrylic Wool and Mohair Circular Needle : 4,5mm Pattern Credit : Marrie Verrie  

Autumn Look Book (2)

Yarn : Rayon Cotton and Mohair Circular Needle : 4,5mm Pattern Credit : Susie    

Autumn Look Book (1)

Yarn : Cotton (Light - 5 plies) and Acrylic Wool (Worsted) Circular Needle : 4,5mm Pattern Credit : Alison Hawke

Traveling Neck Warmer

I modified Purl's hat pattern to make neck warmer for my Husband. He will travel to Nashville next month, so hopefully the neck warmer can be his autumn-best friend. Circular Needle : 4,5mm Yarn : Pure Cotton Pattern Credit : Purl…

My Cutie Pie 'Bhumi'

My cutie pie is finally born. His name is Bhumi. I spent only 1 ball polyester yarn to hook the nook case and my cutie pie Bhumi. No wasted yarn! Material : polyester yarn Hook : 2,5mm

Sweety Dress

My friend asked me to knit a dress for her lovely babygirl. And this is it~ Material : Acrylic cotton Needle : 3,9 mm