My First Sweater for My Self

  For the first time, as a knitter, I wear my knitwork - sweater. Its material is cotton and the needle to knit it is 2,5 mm.

My Cutie Pie 'Bhumi'

My cutie pie is finally born. His name is Bhumi. I spent only 1 ball polyester yarn to hook the nook case and my cutie pie Bhumi. No wasted yarn! Material : polyester yarn Hook : 2,5mm

Sweety Dress

My friend asked me to knit a dress for her lovely babygirl. And this is it~ Material : Acrylic cotton Needle : 3,9 mm

Dedicated for Arsenal lover

Material : Acrylic cotton Needle : 4.00 mm  

Snuggly Crochet Case

Magic happened by my hand, my old phone has renewed look. This is my second attempt to make customized case. I tried before, you can take a look this. I laughed every time I see my customized work. How could I make it randomly and messy (lol).…

Nook Case

My boyfriend is suddenly lazy to read on his Nook E-reader, then I crocheted this case to beautify that scratchy ereader. It was difficult to find Nook case here in Indonesia, So why not I made it one. I applied granny square pattern for back…

Lil Bear Scholar

This one is for my boyfriend, I think the Lil Bear Scholar would cheer him up for his final thesis~ Material : Rayon Cotton Hook : 3.00 mm  

Insta phone case

I just love that logo, so knitted it then Material : Acrylic cotton Needle : 4,0 mm