Summer Bag Free Crochet Pattern for Beginner

Flexibox Summer Bag Pattern

I'm not really waiting for summer to come because I live in a tropical country, Indonesia, not as much as you who live in a four seasons country. But anyway, now is summer! I designed a bag that can be worn at any time by those of you who live…

Budgeting for Knitting & Crocheting

Hi everyone, do you always have some time to have fun? In my case, I do my hobbies to take a break from my daily routine. My hobbies include visiting markets, knitting and crocheting. Yes, I'm very happy going to the local market, especially…

Knitstory : Wedding Gift Idea

The knitting hats project is my comeback project in July 2019 after a 2 year hiatus. This hat is a wedding gift for my friends. They are both like travelling and photography, so I thought of giving them something that they could wear in every…

Dedicated for Arsenal lover

Material : Acrylic cotton Needle : 4.00 mm